Saturday, December 14, 2013

Visual studio 2013 community launch by BDotnet and Microsoft

Today I attended an event at MS office in bangalore where VS 2013 was relaunched infront of around 130 enthusiastic bdotnet members.

It started with TEJASVI KUMAR giving an overview of TFS 2013. I liked the code review enhancements, chat room and VS online feature specially.

Then VIC PARMAR gave an much needed overview of VS 2013 IDE features. The quicklaunch and the synchronization feature were awsome.

Then came the keyboard expert RAJASEKHARAN VENGALIL. As always he showed awsomeness in web feature enhancements like one and web api 2.

After a nice launch the session by KARTHIKEYAN ANBARASAN gave knowledge on azure. came to know that MS gives $150 credit for month for a developer to use azure services !!!

Then came Ujjwal. He gave nice ideas on how a modern app should be.He showed new enhancements in Windows 8.1 apis.I came to know how xamarin tool can be used for multi platform apps.

Then cam energetic Lohith. He gave an overview of "Monaco". He showed how azure website can be edited from an web interface. It is awsome. We can edit websites on the fly without opening VS.

Overall a day well spent.
Please join BDOTNET if you are still not.


  1. Thank You for sharing this valuable bit of info.. looking forward for more..I would love to attend the next one..great job..

  2. Bit disappointed missed the re-lunch but would definitely catch up the next one. Thanks SATYAJIT MOHANTY for the valuable input.

  3. Come to Chennai to attend the same on 21st December :-)